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This section contains PANG members' publications and theses drowed up with the collaboration of the Laboratory staff. You can download (when available) the pdf version of paper or thesis by clicking on the corresponding pdf icon.

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Journal Article
A. Innac, Angrisano, A. , Gaglione, S. , Vultaggio, M. , and Crocetto, N. , Performance comparison among multi-GNSS single frequency precise point positioning techniques, Kartografija i Geoinformacije, vol. 18, no. 32, pp. 80 - 99, 2019.
G. Castaldo, Angrisano, A. , Gaglione, S. , and Troisi, S. , P-RANSAC: An Integrity Monitoring Approach for GNSS Signal Degraded Scenario, International Journal of Navigation and Observation, vol. 2014, 2014.PDF icon 173818.pdf (5.61 MB)
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T. COZZOLINO and GAGLIONE, S. , Prova sperimentale di un SBAS nell’Italia Meridionale, ATTI DELL'ISTITUTO ITALIANO DI NAVIGAZIONE, pp. 10–23, 2004.PDF icon Prova sperimentale di un SBAS nell'Italia Meridionale.pdf (413.99 KB)
A. Angrisano, Gaglione, S. , and Troisi, S. , Real-Time Receiver Clock Jump Detection for Code Absolute Positioning with Kalman Filter, Wireless Personal Communications, pp. 1-11, 2014.
G. Mattei, Amato, L. , Caporizzo, C. , Cinque, A. , Pappone, G. , Sorrentino, A. , Stocchi, P. , Troisi, S. , and Aucelli, P. P. C. , Reconstructing anthropic coastal landscape of Campi Flegrei volcanic area (Southern Italy) during the Roman period from multi-technique surveys, Journal of Maps, pp. 1–14, 2023.
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S. Del Pizzo, Gaglione, S. , Angrisano, A. , Salvi, G. , and Troisi, S. , Reliable vessel attitude estimation by wide angle camera, Measurement: Journal of the International Measurement Confederation, vol. 127, pp. 314-324, 2018.
A. Angrisano, Maratea, A. , and Gaglione, S. , A resampling strategy based on bootstrap to reduce the effect of large blunders in GPS absolute positioning, Journal of Geodesy, pp. 1-12, 2018.
A. ANGRISANO, GAGLIONE, S. , and GIOIA, C. , The Satellite Positioning Evolution in Coastal Processes, Coastal Process II, 2011.PDF icon The Satellite Positioning Evolution in Coastal Processes.pdf (580.76 KB)
S. Pennino, Angrisano, A. , Corte, V. Della, Ferraioli, G. , Gaglione, S. , Innac, A. , Martellato, E. , Palumbo, P. , Piscopo, V. , Rotundi, A. , and Scamardella, A. , Sea State Monitoring by Ship Motion Measurements Onboard a Research Ship in the Antarctic Waters, Journal of Marine Science and Engineering, vol. 9, p. 64, 2021.
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V. Baiocchi, Del Pizzo, S. , Monti, F. , Pugliano, G. , Onori, M. , Robustelli, U. , Troisi, S. , Vatore, F. , and Trujillo, F. James Leó, Solutions and limitations of the geomatic survey of an archaeological site in hard to access areas with a latest generation smartphone: the example of the Intihuatana stone in Machu Picchu (Peru), Acta IMEKO, vol. 11, 2022.
A. ANGRISANO, GAGLIONE, S. , GIOIA, C. , and ROBUSTELLI, U. , Space-Based Augmentation for Integrity Improvement, ANNALI DELLA FACOLTÀ DI SCIENZE E TECNOLOGIE, vol. 70, p. –, 2010.
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A. Angrisano, Cappello, G. , Del Pizzo, S. , and Gaglione, S. , Time-Differenced Carrier Phase Technique for Precise Velocity Estimation on an Android Smartphone, Sensors, vol. 22, 2022.
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S. Del Pizzo, Papa, U. , Gaglione, S. , Troisi, S. , and Del Core, G. , A Vision-based navigation system for landing procedure, ACTA IMEKO, 2018.
Magazine Article
A. ANGRISANO, PACIFICO, A. , and VULTAGGIO, M. , Solving GPS gap, Coverage analysis of a superconstellation made up of GPS+EGNOS+S-QZSS, Coordinates, vol. IV, no. 6, 2008.
S. Gaglione, Innac, A. , Pastore, S. Carbone, Troisi, S. , and Angrisano, A. , Robust Estimation Methods Applied to GPS in Harsh Environments. 2017.