Primi risultati del sistema sperimentale GBAS

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TitlePrimi risultati del sistema sperimentale GBAS
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2005
Conference NameAtti della 9a Conferenza Nazionale ASITA
Date Published15 - 18 Novembre

The GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems-GPS+GLONASS) are not sufficient to support Air and Maritime Navigation in specific applications; so it is necessary to introduce Augmentation Systems. In last years the European Scientific Community are focusing its attention on Augumentation Systems based on Satellite infrastructure (SBAS - Satellite Based Augmentation System) and on Ground based one (GBAS - Ground Based Augmentation System). This one is a implemented system to support Air Navigation in CAT-I approaching operation. The purpose of this work is to verify GBAS performance. So we started from a data set of measures collected at the GBAS installation of Milano Linate and we process this with the software PEGASUS v 4.0.Some results on availability, integrity and accuracy are reported and discussed. 

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GAGLIONE, S, GERVASONI, P, VULTAGGIO, M (2005). Primi risultati del sistema sperimentale GBAS. Atti della 9a Conferenza Nazionale ASITA, –